Key to Success -  Momentum 

Our classes and seminars are about changing existing practices  to improve project delivery performance.

Change is always tough. Our experience tells us that momentum is key to achieving  measurable results. 

As a result, we continually work on ways to remove the barriers to building and sustaining momentum.

Three of the biggest barriers are: 
- Cost
- Inconvenience & 
- Lack of  Support.


We know that cost is an issue for everyone.

So, we removed  cost as a barrier by implementing Momentum Bsed Pricing.

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It is more difficult than ever before to get the time to go to classes or seminars. As a result, traveling to training events can become very inconvenient. 

 To make our calsses /seminars more convenient, we offer two delivery options: 

1. Bring the class / seminar to you - at your site

2. Deliver the class / seminar as a series of  1 and 2 hr. segments as a Teleclass or Teleseminar.

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Lack of Support:

The other big barrier is lack of support. After the calss / seminar, is when participants need support the most - while applying what they've learned. 

So, we offer free support to class / seminar participants.

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Requirements Definition 

Need Consistency and Repeatability?

1 Day,  Your Site,  Your People,  Your Issues
(Also Offered in 1/2 day Seminar and Teleclass Formats)

  • Does the quality of your requirements vary too much from project to project?
  • Do your IT and Line of Business Personnel speak in different languages when defining requirements?
  • Are standard work products created and leveraged throughout the development and maintenance life cycles?
  • Are you using a standard Traceability Model for managing requirements?
  • Are known requirements process problems allowed to go unaddressed?
  • Do your IT and Line of Business Personnel train together?
If you're looking for a proven and verifiable approach for developing quality requirements on a consistent basis across projects while accelerating the development and maintenance life cycles and producing immediate, measureable results, then our Requirements Definition Class is what you've been looking for - we guarantee it.

Over 1,000 participants have attended our class and seminar with 98.7% indicating that they would recommend it to others.


This class is not for everyone. It is for IT and line of business (LOB) personnel who believe that they need to do a better job of defining requirements in order to improve project delivery performance and are willing to change existing practices to make it happen. If that's the way you feel, then this class is for you.

According to studies in this area conducted by the Standish Group and independent feedback obtained from over a 1,000 GS&A Requirements Definition class and seminar participants, we can do a lot better. 

The Problem:

We know that the inability to define and manage quality requirements is one of the root causes of poor project delivery performance.
A recent study conducted by META Group provides the following insight:
  • 60% - 70% of IT project failures result from poor requirements gathering, analysis and management practices.
  • The Standish Group's Chaos Report concludes that:
    • A clear statement of requirements ranked # 3 behind User involvement and executive management support for reasons projects succeed,
    • Incomplete requirements and specifications ranked # 2 behind lack of User input that caused projects to be challenged while changing requirements and specifications ranked # 3,
    • Incomplete requirements and lack of user involvement ranked # 1 and # 2 respectively as to why projects are impared and ultimately canceled.

    What You Will Learn:

    By implementing the content presented in this class, you will not only learn why improvements are necessary, but you will learn what to do, how to do it and when. You will have the knowledge, frameworks, templates, checklists and techniques to produce immediate, measurable results in a repeatable and consistent fashion. The requirements you define will not only be correct, but they will also be verifiable and of higher quality. 
    By participating in this class, you will learn:
    • The key difference between Requirements Definition and Requirements Management,
    • Why the 3 Step Requirements Process is necessary for defining good requirements,
    • The importance of understanding key perspectives and creating related work products,
    • How to use key frameworks, templates and checklists to write better requirements,
    • How to perform appropriate analysis on requirements while accelerating the process,
    • How to identify test cases as a by product of analyzing requirements,
    • Why traceability is important and how to implement it,
    • How to consistently write quality requirements, control scope creep and reduce requests for change,
    • How to measure the results.

    Notice How This Class is Different

    This Class is about making a change, tking action and getting measurable results. And, it doesn't stop at the end of the day. Maintaining momentum after participating in the class is important for achieving results.

    Have you ever felt like you really got it during a calss and then generated a lot of questions as soon as you tried to apply what you've learned on a real project? That slows momentum.

    So, after the class, participants can elect to receive up to 2 hours of free coaching by the instructor. For continued support, participants can arrange for on-going coaching support by the instructor on-site or via the internet. 

    Who Should Attend

    Both IT and Line of Business (LOB) Personnel
    Business Analysts Requirements Analysts Requirements Managers
    Project Managers Product Managers Project Leaders
    Department Managers End-Users Designers
    Developers Quality Analysts Testers

    In short, anyone interested in writing, validating, using and testing requirements.  

    Meet Your Seminar Developer & Leader

    Glenn Shaw Sr.

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    Participant Feedback
    Ready to improve your project/product delivery capability by delivering more complete and higher quality requirements through improved Requirements Elicitation? Give us a call now or e-mail us for more information, to schedule a seminar for your group, or to schedule a Teleclass or Teleseminar.