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Our classes and seminars are about changing existing practices  to improve project delivery performance.

Change is always tough. Our experience tells us that momentum is key to achieving  measurable results. 

As a result, we continually work on ways to remove the barriers to building and sustaining momentum.

Three of the biggest barriers are: 
- Cost
- Inconvenience & 
- Lack of  Support.


We know that cost is an issue for everyone.

So, we removed  cost as a barrier by implementing Momentum Bsed Pricing.

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It is more difficult than ever before to get the time to go to classes or seminars. As a result, traveling to training events can become very inconvenient. 

 To make our calsses /seminars more convenient, we offer two delivery options: 

1. Bring the class / seminar to you - at your site

2. Deliver the class / seminar as a series of  1 and 2 hr. segments as a Teleclass or Teleseminar.

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Lack of Support:

The other big barrier is lack of support. After the calss / seminar, is when participants need support the most - while applying what they've learned. 

So, we offer free support to class / seminar participants.

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New Class: 
Requirements Elicitation

Need Answers?

1 Day,  Your Site,  Your People,  Your Issues
(Also Offered in 1/2 day Seminar and Teleclass Formats)

  • Having trouble deciding which questions to ask?
  • Are Your techniques producing desired results?
  • Are your Users getting frustrated?
  • Are you spending too much time eliciting information?
  • Do you know why?
  • Want to change all this in a hurry?

If you’re looking for a proven approach for developing questioning strategies that work, our Requirements Elicitation Class will provide the answers you’ve been looking for. 


This class is not for everyone. It is for IT and line of business (LOB) personnel who believe that they need to do a better job of eliciting information for defining requirements in order to improve project delivery performance and are willing to change existing practices to make it happen. If that's the way you feel, then this class is for you.

Requirements definition and management activities are important because they immediately impact project success - the delivery of increased value back to the business.  Performing requirements definition and management activities has become recognized as critical to the success of all project initiatives. And, despite over 30 years of experience with these disciplines, we're still not doing a very good job. 
According to studies in this area conducted by the Standish Group and independent feedback obtained from over a 1,000 GS&A Requirements Definition class and seminar participants, we can do a lot better. 

The Problem:

We know that the inability to develop appropriate questioning strategies for use in eliciting information for requirements definition is at the very core of the problem.
A recent survey of  over 1,000 GS&A Requirements Definition Class and Seminar participants revealed that the top three concerns with Requirements Elicitation were:
  • How do you determine the right questions to ask?
  • How can you be sure you're getting the right information?
  • How do you develop a reasonable and reliable work plan for Requirements Elicitation?

What You Will Learn:
By implementing the concepts, techniques, tips and tools presented in this class, you will be able to:
  • Avoid the common problems associated with elicitation,
  • Follow a consistent and repeatable approach to Requirements Elicitation across projects,
  • Develop specific questioning strategies that are tailored to gathering information necessary to produce the Requirements Definition Work Products that you need,
  • Develop appropriate work plans for performing Requirements Elicitation,
  • Eliminate the frustration typically felt by both IT and Line of Business personnel during Requirements Elicitation activities,
  • Reduce the time required for Requirements Elicitation,
  • Speed up the Requirements Definition Process,
  • Reduce the hours spent reworking and redefining requirements in follow-on project life cycle activities.

Key Topics

Discussion Topics Include:
  • What Requirements Elicitation is and why it's improtant
    • Relationship to Requirements Definition activities
  • Why Requirements Elicitation is so dificult
    • 10 common problems
  • Where to find the experts
    • Thinking outside of the box
  • Why the Requirements Elicitation Framework is necessary
    • How to ensure consistency and repeatability
  • What the Consultative Approach is and why it's important
    • The correct mindset - it's not about the system
  • How to structure questions
    • 6 key question categories
    • 3 Characteristics of good questions
    • 10 important question types
    • 6 keys to successful execution
  • How to develop Questioning Strategies
    • Why work products are key to good questioning strategies
    • How to identify key work products
    • How to develop good questioning strategies
  • How to execute the strategy
    • It's all about asking the questions
    • 2 proven execution models
    • Measuring the results
  • How to develop the Requirements Elicitation Plan
    • Integrating Requirements Elicitation activities with the rest of Requirements Definition
    • Building the schedule

Bottom Line: You will learn how to develop and ask the Right Questions for eliciting the necessary information for writing quality requirements, controlling scope creep and reducing requests for change.

Who Should Attend

Both IT and Line of Business (LOB) Personnel
Business Analysts Requirements Analysts Requirements Managers
Project Managers Product Managers Project Leaders
Department Managers Supervisors Designers
Developers Quality Analysts Testers

In short, anyone interested in eliciting information. The information shared at this class is useful for any role which relies on skilled questioning for needed information. 

Meet Your Seminar Developer & Leader

Glenn Shaw Sr.
Ready to improve your project/product delivery capability by delivering more complete and higher quality requirements through improved Requirements Elicitation? Give us a call now or e-mail us for more information, to schedule a seminar for your group, or to schedule a Teleclass or Teleseminar.