Our Training is Not for Everyone

It's true. Our training is not for everyone.We focus our training on IT and line of business (LOB) personnel who strongly believe that they need to improve their Requirements Definition skills and practices in order to meet a specific objective: improve project delivery performance. We work with those who are willing to  apply new skills and change current practices in order to produce immediate, measurable improvements in project delivery performance. 

Use Our Approach to Build Momentum and Produce Immediate, Measurable Results

We know that consistency of purpose, change management and momentum are keys to successful training. All change is difficult. Therefore, we believe that any change to existing practices and the skills training necessary to support it must be tied to a clear, measurable objective that is known and supported by all involved. For us, that objective is improved project delivery performance.

We also believe that skills training is most successful when the amount of change is managed in away that builds on existing strengths vs. creating a whole new paradigm to learn from scratch. Additionally, we know that any change practiced in relative isolation will have little impact on achieving the identified objective. Momentum is necessary for gaining wide spread acceptance and practice throughout the appropriate IT and LOB communities.

Our unique approach to training builds on existing strengths, removes the primary barriers to creating momentum (high cost, inconvenience, and lack of support) ties all skills development to improving project delivery performance and is tailored to produce immediate, measurable results. 

Choose the Class and Delivery Method That Meets Your Needs 

Class, Seminar and Teleclass Formats: 

Our offerings are designed for the practitioner's perspective, delivered to fit their scheduling needs and enables them to produce immediate, measurable results.  All offerings are delivered on your site in class or seminar formats or via the internet in Teleclass format. Our initial offerings include the following: 
  • Requirements Elicitation: 
    • How to Develop Appropriate Questioning Strategies

    Note: Both classes are available in 1/2 day seminar and Teleclass formats

Ready to improve your project/product delivery capability by delivering more complete and higher quality requirements? Give us a call now or e-mail us for a free consultation, for more information, to schedule a seminar for your group, or to schedule a Teleclass or Teleseminar.